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Presentation is king, and Routzy® gives you the tools to help clients visualize their purchase with compelling visual aids. You can create a process diagram, floor plan, or even take and annotate pictures, all right inside Routzy.

Routzy’s drawing tool is simple enough to use in a pinch, but powerful enough to help get a complex point across. Bolster your drawing with vital specs, dimensions, and any objects you may need to work around to get the job done. Put together floor plans, flow charts, schematics, product designs, and anything else you can think of.

If you want to work even faster, you might be interested in taking and annotating some pictures.  Use your iPad® device's camera to mark up photos immediately after you take them. This is handy for any number of projects: landscaping, home renovation, interior design, etc. Whatever your plan is, Routzy will help you express it the moment you think it up.

With a Routzy-powered presentation, your proposal is sure to make an impression. Best of all, drawings and pictures are automatically saved to the corresponding client’s activity log for easy organization. Like everything else in Routzy, completed visual aids can be emailed to your client (or back to the home office) at the touch of a button.


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