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Dropbox Syncing

For traveling sales reps, the internet is a luxury, not a guarantee. To do their job, your sales reps need access to your company’s data, regardless of wireless coverage. That’s why Routzy® was built from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with the backup system Dropbox.

With Dropbox, your contacts, paperwork, and activities will be accessible online, but they’ll also be available locally on your device. This gives you the ability to put on a stellar presentation and close a deal without sweating the coverage situation.

Sound good? Well, it gets better. The coolest component of Routzy’s Dropbox integration is that everything works automatically. Data is sent to Dropbox instantly, without your reps diverting any time from their sales activities. Everything happens in the background.

What’s more, Routzy’s Dropbox integration encourages teamwork. If you choose, you can make your Dropbox data available to every member of your sales team. Share contact information, drawings, quotes, proposals, and other important documents instantly. There’s never been a better way to keep everyone on top of everything happening inside your company.


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