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GPS Tracking

Wish you could check in on the locations and progress of your sales force throughout the day? Of course you do! With Routzy®, the sales rep tracking tools from your wildest fantasies are finally a reality.

Productivity and accountability are key assets when building a workforce. With Routzy, you can check to see which workers are doing your company proud by reliably honoring appointments and diligently making sales calls. Reward efficiency and crack down on waste with the ultimate workforce tracker.

As long as an internet connection is maintained, Routzy will export the geographical locations of its users. Set any time interval you like. Want a minute-by-minute log? Or maybe one that leaves a breadcrumb every half hour? Whatever the case, managers can view Routzy GPS reports to check on employee progress at any time.

But managers aren’t the only ones who will benefit from Routzy's sales rep tracking. Your sales force will grow to love this component of Routzy, too. After all, no one likes fielding endless phone calls or text messages concerning their present whereabouts. Routzy’s GPS data heads off these pesky interruptions at the pass, keeping managers informed and sales reps free to focus on their jobs. Everyone wins with the mobile sales app Routzy!


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