What is Routzy®?

Routzy is a mobile sales CRM (customer relationship management) app for the iPad®. Simply put, this application turns an iPad into the ultimate standalone sales tool. With Routzy, we've rolled the advanced features and functionality of several business productivity utilities into a single sales center. Routzy takes prospects through the entire sales cycle without ever leaving the iPad. Routzy is not tethered to a large, expensive desktop software suite. Within minutes of downloading Routzy, you can be up and running, performing sales activities for your contacts.

How much does Routzy cost?

You can download a 14 day free trial of Routzy from the Apple App Store. Once this period expires, you'll need to purchase a subscription to continue using Routzy. Subscriptions start at $34.99 a month or $349.99 a year (a 17% savings). (Note that these prices apply to the standalone version of Routzy only. For pricing information regarding the Smart Service-integrated version of Routzy, please contact one of our representatives.)


How does Routzy make my job easier?

Routzy helps busy professionals track and manage customer/client interactions, as well as present and finalize quotes and PDF documents with clients/customers while in the field. Routzy streamlines inter-company communication by giving workers (at your discretion) uninterrupted remote access to your company's data. Moreover, Routzy helps by replacing a whole host of disparate software programs and keeping all of your sales documentation in one convenient, portable place. This app is your one-stop shop for all your sales and CRM needs.


Who uses Routzy?

Routzy was designed with the traveling sales rep in mind. That said, businesspeople of all stripes have found Routzy to be an effective tool in their day-to-day activities. Our current user base consists of professionals in healthcare, financial services, information technology, construction, housing, real estate, staffing, recruiting, higher education, insurance, and landscaping (to name but a handful of specializations).

Routzy can make life easier regardless of an individual's role within an organization. Most frequently, professionals in sales, marketing, and customer service find themselves making use of CRM software like Routzy.


What can you do with Routzy?

Routzy takes leads through the entire sales process, from the moment of contact to the moment of the sale. Here's a quick smattering of some of the things Routzy can do:

  • Manage and sort contacts.
  • Group (or individual) contact emailing.
  • Import contacts from CSV files.
  • Sort contacts into optimized sales routes.
  • Help navigate from sales call to sales call.
  • Create activity history.
  • Schedule follow-ups.
  • Create customized proposals with your company's logo, items list, and more.
  • Capture customer signatures.
  • Access editable PDF documents.
  • Scan barcodes to quickly create quotes and proposals.
  • Integrate with the iPad device's native iPad calendar app to send and receive calendar notifications.
  • Create drawings (such as floor plans or process diagrams).
  • Annotate pictures.
  • Automatically create powerful reports.
  • Integrate with Dropbox.


Is there a website portal where I can access Routzy?

At this time there is no web-based interface for Routzy.


Is there a free version or lite version of Routzy?

No. The 14 day free trial of Routzy we offer is for the full version of Routzy. To continue adding contacts or activities after the trial period you will be required to purchase a subscription.


Is Routzy available for iPhone or other tablet devices?

No. At this time Routzy is only available on the iPad.


Is there a desktop version of Routzy?

While Routzy itself is exclusive to the iPad, the desktop application Smart Service can be used as a backend for Routzy. To read more about Routzy’s Smart Service integration, head to the Smart Service website.


Can I use Routzy if my iPad is not connected to the internet?

Yes. You can use Routzy regardless of wireless service because everything is stored locally on your iPad. Once you've linked to Dropbox, the updates you've made offline will automatically be applied across your Routzy network the next time your iPad connects to the internet.


Can I use Routzy with some of the native apps that come installed on my iPad?

Yes. Routzy integrates with the following native iPad apps: contacts, calendar, and camera.

Calendar integration allows users to send appointments to and from Routzy, as well as send any other activity to the calendar.

After taking pictures with the iPad camera, you can easily import them into Routzy for annotations. Routzy also lets you email pictures to contacts, attach them to proposals, or push them to Dropbox.


How do I contact a representative from Coalesce Software?

For help with Routzy, you can contact our Help Desk at To reach us via phone, call 1-888-518-0818.

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