Discover all the ways Routzy catalogs sales activities. Find out how to access and send out reports, and how to review GPS timeline information.

Reports & Analytics

Organize your contacts into groups, then learn how to send a mass BCC email to those groups. This video also details how you can use Follow-Ups to easily stay on top of correspondence.

Groups, Mass E-Mails, and Follow Ups

Set up your forms to include spreadsheet-style formulas that calculate totals as they're completed.

Forms 2: Calculations

Set up the forms in your company's library to auto-populate contact information when they're opened inside Routzy.


Forms 1: Importing Forms

Augment your sales pitch with some snappy visual aids. In this video, you'll learn how to make quick, simple drawings and annotate pictures using Routzy.

Drawings & Pictures

Start earning some money with Routzy by mastering quotes and proposals.

Quotes & Proposals

Learn the ropes of some basic Routzy activities. Tutorial covers: sales calls, emails, follow-ups, text messages, and more.


Get started with Routzy® by learning how to set up your profile and import new contacts.

Getting Started

Link your Routzy and Dropbox accounts to store data and share information with other members of your company.

Dropbox Integration

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