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Usually, installing new software means overhauling your job process. Routzy® avoids this pratfall by working with your company’s existing assets. Not only will you be able to bring in your existing contacts list, you’ll also be able to preserve your current forms library by importing paperwork directly into Routzy.

With a set of digitized paperwork, you’ll be prepared for any situation. No one wants to stuff every form their company uses inside a briefcase (or have to deal with finding those forms once they’re buried within), but there’s almost no limit to the paperwork an iPad® can hold. Charge into the field with every tool the day could possibly call for, all in one convenient app.

Paperwork that completes itself—literally!

If you’re ready to glimpse the future of business, read on. While importing forms into Routzy, you can set those forms up to take advantage of Routzy’s auto-filling features. Do this, and once you apply a form to a customer or prospect, that form will immediately be populated with that person’s basic information and contact details. Imagine the time you’ll save when you don’t have to worry about filling out the same names, numbers, and addresses a dozen times a day! Routzy gives you the tools to shorten the sales cycle and close deals on the spot.


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