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No matter what, sales will always be a numbers game. After all, the more prospects you reach, the more deals you'll close. Unfortunately, if your only metric for measuring a sales rep's effectiveness is their monthly sales total, you're missing a big piece of the puzzle. Wouldn't your company also benefit from tabulating the number of sales calls or emails made by a rep in a day?

With the right sales reporting software, you're tracking and trending your reps' activities daily—if not hourly. Routzy® keeps a detailed, comprehensive log of every activity performed by its users. Set any time frame you want, from minutes to years, then see how many sales calls a rep made in that span. You can even analyze individual calls to see their length, result, and what was discussed.

When parsing activities this way, new, more accurate conclusions can be drawn. One of your reps might consistently top the traditional, revenue-based sales chart, but what if they're burning through a disproportionate number of leads to do so? Wouldn't you like to know? Conversely, you might have a rep charismatic enough to put up solid totals without ever coming near a day's worth of activities. Surely you wouldn't want this untapped potential to go to waste!

Routzy lets you truly understand what's happening within your sales force, and even better,
it lets you learn from it.


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