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Learn to set up your forms for use inside Routzy.


Bringing your current forms library into Routzy is easy. This guide will show you how to set up a form and import it into Routzy.

  1. The first thing you will need is a copy of your form in PDF format. Microsoft Word, Pages, and Open Office Writer all have the ability to save a document as a PDF. Be sure to save each of your documents separately. Also, please be aware that Routzy only supports portrait documents.
  2. Open your saved PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC (not Acrobat Reader). If you do not own Adobe Acrobat DC, you can download a free 30 day trial here.
  3. Click Prepare Form from the sidebar on the right side of Adobe Acrobat DC.
  4. You will be prompted to select a file. Select the current document and press the Start button.
  5. Adobe Acrobat DC will then try to come up with a formula for all the form’s empty fields that are typically filled out by hand. Changing the names of these fields will instruct Routzy to automatically populate them with the correct contact data when they’re opened in Routzy. To change the name of a field, right click (command click on Mac) the field and select Rename Field.
  6. Choose the formula from the chart below corresponding to the information you’d like Routzy to automatically populate. Copy and paste the correct formulas for each field in your form.

    TIP: Get creative! If you want to combine data into one field, all you need to do is type a space between two formulas. For example, to populate title and last name in the same field, you would name the field: “routzyContactTitle routzyLastName”. You can also add punctuation in the same manner. If, for example, you wanted a comma to appear between the title and the last name, you would name the field: “routzyContactTitle, routzyLastName”.
  7.  Save your PDF.
  8. Email your PDF to an email address you can access from your iPad.
  9. On your iPad, open the email, then tap and hold on the PDF attachment. Select Open in Routzy from the menu that pops up.
  10. From the resulting menu inside Routzy, select Import file as a fillable form, then tap Import.
  11. To add your new form to a contact in Routzy, select a contact, tap the bottom right plus button, then select Form. Select the form you’d like to use, and that form will automatically populate the contact information you just set up. Fields left blank during setup can be filled in by hand.

Form fields available in Routzy:

Field Name Data Populated Example Data
routzyContactTitle Title President CEO
routzyContactFirstName First Name John
routzyContactMiddleName Middle Name Quincy
routzyContactLastName Last Name Doe
routzyContactCompanyName Company Name JQD, LLC
routzyContactFirstNameSpaceLastNameCommaTitle First Last, Title John Doe, President CEO
routzyContactFirstNameSpaceLastName First Last John Doe
routzyContactLastNameCommaFirstName Last, First Doe, John
routzyContactFirstNameSpaceMiddleNameSpaceLastName First Middle Last John Quincy Doe
routzyContactPrimaryAddressName Primary Address Name JQD, LLC
routzyContactPrimaryAddress1 Primary Address 1 8774 Cotter St
routzyContactPrimaryAddress2 Primary Address 2 Suite A
routzyContactPrimaryCity Primary Address City Lewis Center
routzyContactPrimaryState Primary Address State Ohio
routzyContactPrimaryZipCode Primary Address Zip code 43035
routzyContactPrimaryAddress1SpaceAddress2 P.Address1 P.Address2 8774 Cotter St Suite A
routzyContactPrimaryCitySpaceStateSpaceZipCode P.City P.State P.Zip code Lewis Center OH 43035
routzyContactAlternateAddressName Alternate Address Name LQD, LLC – Billing
routzyContactAlternateAddress1 Alternate Address 1 9000 Cotter St
routzyContactAlternateAddress2 Alternate Address 2 Suite B
routzyContactAlternateCity Alternate Address City Lewis Center
routzyContactAlternateState Alternate Address State Ohio
routzyContactAlternateZipCode Alternate Address Zip code 43035
routzyContactAlternateAddress1SpaceAddress2 A.Address1 A.Address2 9000 Cotter St Suite A
routzyContactAlternateCitySpaceStateSpaceZipCode A.City A.State A.Zip code Lewis Center OH 43035
routzyContactPrimaryPhone Primary Phone Number 888-518-0818
routzyContactMobilePhone Primary Mobile Phone Number 614-985-1278
routzyContactAlternatePhone Primary Alternate Phone Number 614-985-6845
routzyContactPrimaryEMail Primary E-Mail Address
routzyContactAlternateEMail Alternate E-Mail Address
routzyContactPrimaryWebSite Primary Web Site Address
routzyContactAlternateWebSite Alternate Web Site Address
routzyUDF01 User Defined Field 1 Contact Misc Information 1
routzyUDF02 User Defined Field 2 Contact Misc Information 2
routzyUDF03 User Defined Field 3 Contact Misc Information 3
routzyUDF04 User Defined Field 4 Contact Misc Information 4
routzyUDF05 User Defined Field 5 Contact Misc Information 5
routzyUDF06 User Defined Field 6 Contact Misc Information 6
routzyUDF07 User Defined Field 7 Contact Misc Information 7
routzyUDF08 User Defined Field 8 Contact Misc Information 8
routzyUDF09 User Defined Field 9 Contact Misc Information 9
routzyUDF10 User Defined Field 10 Contact Misc Information 10
routzyUDF11 User Defined Field 11 Contact Misc Information 11
routzyUDF12 User Defined Field 12 Contact Misc Information 12
routzyContactBirthday Contact’s Birthday Feb 23, 1982
routzyContactCreateDateTime Contact’s Create Date/Time Jan 2, 2012 12:45 PM
routzySettingsMyName Your Name Skip Stringfield
routzySettingsCompanyName Your Company Name Routzy
routzySettingsAddress1 Your Address 1 8774 Cotter St
routzySettingsAddress2 Your Address 2 Suite A
routzySettingsCity Your City Lewis Center
routzySettingsState Your State Ohio
routzySettingsZipCode Your Zip Code 43035
routzySettingsOfficePhone Your Office Phone Number 614-985-1278
routzySettingsFaxPhone Your Fax Number 614-985-6845
routzySettingsTollFreePhone Your Toll Free Phone Number 888-518-0818
routzySettingsEmail Your E-mail
routzySettingsWebSite Your Web Site
routzyCompanyUDF01 Company User Defined FIeld 1 Your Company Misc Info 1
routzyCompanyUDF02 Company User Defined FIeld 2 Your Company Misc Info 2
routzyCompanyUDF03 Company User Defined FIeld 3 Your Company Misc Info 3
routzyCompanyUDF04 Company User Defined FIeld 4 Your Company Misc Info 4
routzyCompanyUDF05 Company User Defined FIeld 5 Your Company Misc Info 5
routzyCompanyUDF06 Company User Defined FIeld 6 Your Company Misc Info 6
routzyCompanyUDF07 Company User Defined FIeld 7 Your Company Misc Info 7
routzyCompanyUDF08 Company User Defined FIeld 8 Your Company Misc Info 8
routzyCompanyUDF09 Company User Defined FIeld 9 Your Company Misc Info 9
routzyCompanyUDF10 Company User Defined FIeld 10 Your Company Misc Info 10
routzyCompanyUDF11 Company User Defined FIeld 11 Your Company Misc Info 11
routzyCompanyUDF12 Company User Defined FIeld 12 Your Company Misc Info 12
routzyCurrentDate Current Date Feb 6, 2012
routzyCurrentTime Current Time 3:11 PM
routzyCurrentDateAndTime Current Date and Time Feb 6, 2012 3:11 PM

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