Introducing the Smart Service Scholarship


9/27/2016 — Our friends at Smart Service have launched a brand new, biannual scholarship program. This program aims to help kickstart the careers of students who set their sights on a job in the skilled trades (HVAC, plumbing, etc.). You can find all the details on the scholarship page on the Smart Service website. Feel free to pass this opportunity around and help us launch a new career!


Smart Service TV


8/16/2016 — Our sister company just launched Smart Service TV. If you're a field service company in the market for new software, Smart Service TV makes a great place to start your search. In this program, you'll get a complete tour of the industry leading software package on your time and at your convenience. Check it out!


The Dangers of Relying on the Cloud


5/16/2016 — A recent Salesforce stoppage wreaked havoc on businesses everywhere. Routzy was built to ensure our customers never face so brutal a disruption. Read on!


New commercial!


3/30/2016 - Looking for a broad, thousand-mile view of the ultimate mobile sales CRM? Check out our new Routzy commercial!


RoutzyTV Sales Webinars


3/11/2016 - Starting March 17, Coalesce Software will be hosting a series of sales-centric webinars on RoutzyTV. The topics might change, but the time will always be Thursdays at 2:00 PM EST. Sign up for our next show right here!


Follow Ups


2/9/2016 - Take a look at how follow ups are handled in Routzy. With this mobile sales app, you'll never neglect a prospect again!


Announcing Smart Service integration!


9/15/2015 - We’ve teamed with our sister company My Service Depot to integrate our flagship products: Routzy and Smart Service. This exciting development gives Routzy a new, optional backend, and also provides the world’s service companies a better way to manage customers and make quotes in the field. Read more at the Smart Service website!


RoutzyTV is Broadcasting Live!


5/7/2015 - RoutzyTV is now airing live three times a week. Join us on any upcoming Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday at 9:30 AM EST to chat with a Routzy rep during a live, interactive broadcast. Can't make it? Dig through our show archives for the next best thing!


Find YOUR Industry


4/8/2015 - Field sales professionals, electricians, marketers, HVAC reps... there's really no limit to who uses Routzy. Find out how Routzy can benefit your specialization below:


Routzy® 3.3.12 is here!


2/6/2015 - With an improved onboarding process to help get you started and RoutzyTV ready to walk you through the advanced features, there’s never been a better time to try Routzy!


2015 Holiday Hours


12/29/2014 - The Routzy Help Desk will close at noon on December 24 and reopen at 8:30 AM December 29. Happy Holidays!


Introducing RoutzyTV!


12/8/2014 - If you're looking for an end-to-end rundown of Routzy's immense features list, look no further! RoutzyTV is here to give you a complete tour of everything our award-winning sales tool can do. Check out RoutzyTV right now on the all-new RoutzyTV website!


Happy Thanksgiving!


11/24/2-14 - Quick heads-up from the Routzy team: Our Help Desk will close at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, November 26 and reopen at 8:30 AM on Monday, December 1. Have a great Thanksgiving!


The Help Desk is Ready


10/13/2014 - Software problems got you spooked this Halloween? Our Help Desk is ready and waiting to scare your troubles away! Don't hesitate. Give us a call at 1-888-518-0818.


Coalesce Software Breaks Out


9/26/2014 - Thanks to Routzy's unprecedented success, Coalesce Software is exploding into a brand new office space. We're very proud of our state-of-the-art facilities and are eager to show them off. Take the tour right now to catch a glimpse of our company in action!


Coming Soon: RoutzyTV


6/29/2014 - Things are always moving at Coalesce Software. Later this year, we plan on unveiling our own online television station, RoutzyTV. What is RoutzyTV? Hammer the link to find out!


3.3.4: Out Now!


12/10/2013 - We've got your bug fixes right here. Head to the Apple App Store to get your download on.


Routzy Version 3.3: Sales Route Creation


9/17/2013 - Routzy version 3.3 brings some incredible new features to the table, the most exciting of which is the brand new sales route creation tool. Users will now be able to create and optimize custom sales routes from the routing screen. Check out the 3.3 features video to learn more.


Routzy 3.2 Makes Forms Even Better


7/11/2013 - We've done the impossible. We've improved Routzy's already-robust forms feature to accommodate advanced, spreadsheet-style formulas and calculations. See how we improved the essential sales CRM by reading the official 3.2 press release.


Version 3.1 Introduces Forms Enhancements


6/14/2013 - Use forms of any size in Routzy 3.1. Our latest version also improves usability by highlighting editable fields once forms are opened. To learn more, read or watch today!


Routzy Version 3.0 Features Enhanced Routing


4/10/2013 - Looking to increase the efficiency of your sales team by enhancing sales routes? Well, Routzy's here to lend your business a helping hand. Learn about our new routing features (and see what else is new) in the version 3.0 introductory video (or by perusing the official 3.0 press release).


Happy Birthday to Us!


3/23/2012 - The landscape-altering mobile sales CRM Routzy turns one year old today. Let's bake a cake to celebrate the first year of sales our app helped close!


Routzy sets downloads benchmark.


3/4/2013 - Ah, the sweet quantification of success! Our skyrocketing mobile sales app Routzy blasted through the stratosphere, surpassing the standard expected download rate for an app's first year by a factor of five. Check it out!


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!


2/01/2013 - Coalesce Software parent company Stringfield Industries (which also manages the service industry software powerhouse Smart Service) is planning to expand and add a plethora of jobs to the local economy. Read all about it!


Coalesce Software joins local businesses in promoting job growth.


1/29/2013 - Hey, look! We're in the news again! Find out how Coalesce Software is stimulating economic growth and adding jobs in the Columbus, Ohio region. Thanks for the ink, Columbus Business First! (This story is also featured in the long-running Columbus Dispatch.)


Official Routzy BackOffice Press Release


1/29/2013 - Learn more about Routzy BackOffice (and its built-in QuickBooks® and Google Calendarintegration) by plowing through our official Routzy BackOffice press release.


Say "Hello" to Routzy BackOffice!


1/14/2013 - Routzy has been a great tool for sales teams of all sizes since its March 2012 release, but managing a larger sales force just got infinitely easier with the release of Routzy BackOffice. Routzy BackOffice allows an office user to manage their Routzy sales team, adding contacts and dispatching appointments with ease. Take a peek in our BackOffice intro video.


Coalesce Software Named Finalist for Tech Award!


1/2/2013 - We're very proud to announce that Coalesce Software has been named a TechColumbus Innovation Awards Semi-Finalist in the Outstanding Start-Up category. It's great to see all the hard work and passion behind Routzy recognized in a public forum. For now, we're keeping our fingers crossed. Good luck to the other finalists!


Routzy Reviewed in Tech Cocktail


8/10/2012 - "You can use this tool to track all sales activities with great ease." See what else sales professional Amy Schmittauer had to say about Routzy in her rave review for technology website Tech Cocktail.


Update 2.3 Hits the Scene


7/10/2012 - The people have spoken, and we have answered by outfitting Routzy with some your most frequently requested features. In Routzy 2.3, you can reorder line items on quotes with ease. You can also preview quotes inside Routzy without first mailing them to customers. Forms have now been revamped to include checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdown menus (not to mention support for non-US paper sizes). It's all explained in the Routzy 2.3 update video.


Routzy on LinkedIn


7/10/2012 - We've started a Routzy users group on LinkedIn. Join the conversation!


Routzy Founder Interviewed by hiVelocity!


6/29/2012 - "Every business has sales reps and Routzy is the perfect tool to give them." Find out what else Coalesce Software CEO Skip Stringfield had to say in his illuminating interview with the Ohio economics publication hiVelocity.


Routzy Featured in The Metropreneur!


6/26/2012 - We're thrilled to find ourselves featured in the small business outlet The Metropreneur. Hit the link to learn how Routzy is making users "jump out of their seats!"


Routzy 2.1: Available Now


6/5/2012 - Make sure you're rolling with the latest version of the most advanced sales app on the market. Head to the Apple App Store to claim our latest update today.


Welcome to Routzy 2.0!


5/18/2012 - Routzy 2.0 is here, and it gives users completely overhauled Dropbox integration. Our software teams with Dropbox to track every change users make. It's almost impossible to make a mistake with Routzy now! Head to the Apple App Store to download our industry-dominating mobile sales app today!


Version 1.2: We Give You What You Want!


5/17/2012 - You asked for it, we brought it! You can now number quotes and proposals inside Routzy. Check out our 1.2 release video for details!



Flummoxed? Routzy video tutorials are here to save the day!


5/8/2012 - Routzy is an intuitive, easy-to-learn sales software suite, but it's impossible to make a dramatic operational change without suffering through a few growing pains. That's why we're launching a series of convenient tutorial videos to guide you through some of our sales app's more advanced features. Head to our tutorials page to begin your education in all things Routzy.


Routzy 1.1 Delivers Dropbox Integration


4/20/2012 - Traveling sales reps can't be too dependent on wireless coverage. Occasionally, the workday takes you to some remote locales. When this happens, you need your files at your fingertips. That's why the first Routzy content update (FREE for Routzy subscribers) includes comprehensive Dropbox integration. Your sales operation can now become 100% mobile, no ifs ands or buts!


Routzy Launch Press Release


3/26/2012 - To read the official Routzy launch press release, visit our partners at PRWeb. Routzy is here to make your sales life a sales triumph.



Introducing Routzy, The Do-It-All Sales CRM App for the iPad!


3/23/2012 - Sales professionals everywhere, rejoice! The future has arrived, and it fits snugly onto your iPad. Head to the Apple App Store right now and download Routzy. The ability to jumpstart your sales pipeline and change your professional life is available starting today.


One week away...


3/16/2012 - Next week, the sales world will be changed forever. Next week, Routzy arrives...



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